Freelance Engineering 

& Contracting

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Johan Ceulemans, Ing.

As a freelance engineer I am experienced in many design stages of a product including research, development,
manufacture and assembly right through to installation and final commissioning.

Good team spirit, deadline orientated and able to produce detailed technical specifications from client requirements.

Additional axle boring mill absolute accuracy +/-0.005
The Knack !
Hospital Civil Marie Curie
End of Quench tube MRI scanner

Possessing a proven track record of preparing and executing project plans and programmes, ensuring that work is carried out in accordance with the companies procedures and clients satisfaction.
Able to ensure timely, safe and cost effective design and implementation during the life cycle of projects from conception till final commissioning.

In my portfolio you will find the fields in which I've been active :
  • Custom designed machines and production lines incl. contracting
  • Custom designed conveyor systems incl. contracting
  • Custom designed enclosures and perimeter guarding incl. contracting
  • Process engineering R&D
  • Mechanical projects in the medical sector.
    • Floor plates and load distribution constructions for medical equipment.
    • Heavy duty ceilings.
    • Piping for quench installations of MRI scanners.
    • Contracting
    • ....